59 people have sued a man alleging to be a senior member of staff and a medical doctor under the United Nations (UN) and seven others for swindling them out of K6,760,245.00 in an online based village banking.

The 59 plaintiffs have asked the Lusaka High Court to order Prosper Sylva Ezeokah and seven others to pay them K6, 760,245.00 which was allegedly fraudulently collected from them as their investment contribution to an online village banking (Chilimba) system.
In a statement of claim filed in court, Davies Musonda and 58 others have also sued Rodrick Mulumbewa Musonda, Nelly Banda Zimba, Luyando Dyololo, Joseph Mwaba, Joshua Chikonko, George Chishimba and Chilufya Mulolo.

Mr Musonda and 58 others stated that Ezeokah and seven others advertised the business concept to them and assured them that the said business was an extremely good online village banking business.

They stated that they joined the defendant’s online business and invested different sums of money amounting to K6, 760,245.00.

The online village banking was based on the principles of Peer to Peer village banking/savings wherein links were shared through mobile phones and at the same, used to create the said Peer to Peer (P2P) online network business.

They stated that each member of the group was required to deposit a certain amount o money through the aforementioned village banking

group and the said members were then peered with others.
Musonda stated that the defendants fraudulently misrepresented to them that after investing a certain amount of money, every investor would

keep on receiving returns of 50 per cent of the investment each after 20 days which period was fraudulently increased to 25 days
and later 30 days.

“The defendants have since shut down the website and WhatsApp platforms, thereby, blocking some of the investors from downloading their accounts and evidence,” stated the 59 plaintiffs, the Zambia Daily Mail reports.



  1. This idiotic scam has become so rampant in this country and if nothing is done more poverty stricken Zambians will be squeezed of their last drop of blood by these idiots.
    I suggest BOZ, DEC and ZICTA do something about online stupidity.

    There was another stupid arrangement under the name OLYMP TRADE which has swindled Zambians, wherever the idiots are should know that their days are numbered. The police and service provider companies are too slow to handle this madness. Please fellow Zambians avoid any such stupid online money businesses except for mobile money services by Airtel, MTN and Zamtel. Anything else is fraud.

  2. People who get scammed tend to be greedy for wishful thinking high returns and they pay like this, getting swindled left right center! Many are very Educated fellows who get swindled. I know of doctors, teachers, Clinical Officers and Nurses who fall for such schemes!
    The Rule of thumb is If it’s too good to be true, run away!
    Better a little with peace than too much with suffering and shame!
    You will be lucky to get your money!
    Christmas has come too early for someone … Kikikiki

  3. Admins could you kindly help me with details of the plantiff I would like to join them. Am one of the victim as well. I was not aware of the this step because groups have been closed so no communication between members.


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