Vincent Mwale


Housing and Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale says he is surprised that PF media director Sunday Chanda is mentioning Lameck Mangani as scheming against President Edgar Lungu.

Reacting to assertions that he (Chanda) and PF Eastern Province chairperson Zindula Lubusha were the masterminds behind Chanda’s allegations that Colonel Panji Kaunda, was working with Lameck Mangani, a former diplomat (in apparent reference to Ambassador George Zulu), among others in partnership with UPND to stir up anti-Edgar Lungu sentiment in Eastern Province, Mwale told Zambian Watch that he was upset with the current politics, saying he would never be contaminated by the dirty politics of mudslinging.

He dismissed accusations leveled against him, saying he and Lubusha were both out of the country recently, wondering how they could have met to plot against the others.

He said Lubusha was in fact still out of the country.

He said he was totally oblivious to the allegations against him, and also the accusations Chanda was raising against the others.

“I am surprised Honourable Mangani was mentioned in this. I meet Honourable Mangani, and I don’t know if he’s even part of these because when I am with him I don’t get the feeling that he’s someone who can scheme against President Lungu. In fact he has been engaging people behind President Lungu,” Mwale said.

“I have served as member of parliament for 13 years, I don’t involve myself in political issues. I don’t know the politics that we are reading now which is happening in the party.”

Mwale said he had not problem with Col Panji reporting him to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for having found himself as the only bidder over the Beit Stadium in Chipata when he served as Local Government minister.

“If anybody has any suspicions this is how it should be. I stand for accountability. What I’m just worried about is what is the substance of what he reported about?” Mwale said. “I know there is nothing (in the allegations). As a Zambian I’m entitled to bid as long as I have followed the process.”

On the arguments that the Constitution and the ministerial handbook forbade ministers from bidding for public projects, Mwale said people must distinguish between business and charity, saying his being awarded the Beit Stadium was about rehabilitating the facility to be used for charity, under the Vincent Mwale non-profit organisation.

“I have taken up a facility that doesn’t even have a toilet…how can this turn against me, good Lord how? He (Col Panji) has done this not because he hates me, maybe he is doing it as a member of the community. I don’t know how assisting the community can be turned into corruption,” said Mwale.

Chanda has been involved in a war of words with the people he accused of working with UPND to destabilize the ruling party in Eastern Province. Col Panji, Ambassdor Zulu and Mangani have all dismissed Chanda’s attacks as lies.

In his recent salvo, Chanda accused Amb Zulu of behaving like he ate the heart of the mouse that hides in the maize sheaves nibbling away at the maize and runs very quickly when it hears a person approaching. He said Amb Zulu was just confirming his guilty by coming out to speak over the matter when his name had not even been mentioned, although it is apparently clear that the former diplomat he (Chanda) mentioned was the former Ambassador.

He said he is not the one who recalled Amb Zulu, saying he should learn to tame his frustrations, and that since he did not want to act his age and wanted to play politics, he shall be taken on.

Amb Zulu had urged Chanda to leave founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda from his attacks on Col Panji, after the PF media director told the Colonel to be grateful because President Lungu was taking good care of his father.



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