Richard Waga writes:


Lungu has a trigger happy political adviser, a suspected drug dealer as de facto economic advisor, PF election chairperson Jean Kapata is known for a her violent threats and ambushing of polling stations.

Bowman is an unapologetic thug. Lungu nominates an MP like Mumbi Phiri to parliament not to introduce new talents but to escalate thuggery and profanity in parliament. The person in charge of domestic security, Kampyongo is known to have mobilised thugs in his constituency that put the lives for former first lady and former deputy speaker at risk.

The defense minister shot a person during Mulobezi by election and that bullet is yet to be removed. PF thuggery has not spared mourners, congregants or striking workers. The slogan, “pa maka” has a violent ring about it. Extortion by PF operatives is thriving in bus stations.

Lungu endorsed a SWAT style arrest of a non-violent political rival. PF supporters cheered it. No law enforcer in this country can guarantee the safety of a citizen in an opposition regalia in the street of Lusaka.

It is time we put the finger where the blame lies. PF is no different from a mafia mob, an uncivilised group who have bought the police and are pilfering state funds at will and we have made a subconscious oath to “see nothing and say nothing” or else the wrath of getting fired or arrested visits us. I curse the day, thugs covered themselves with Lungu fake humbleness.


  1. The writing has always been on the wall but we are just to blind to see it. Lungu is the architect of all this nonsense. But as a people we choose to look the other way. Truth be said and I know ZO will not publish this comment. Get rid of Lungu, Pf under Lungu has nothing to offer anymore and this is fact! Lungu goes, chances of Zambia becoming normal will be high!!!


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