It’s quite interesting to note the anonymous voices from the UNZA senate that are now speaking on the issue of the doctorate award, worth noting that ;

1: Only 30 out of the 50 members of the UNZA senate were present at the meeting that was convened to pass the resolution. 20 members absconded.

2: The Vice Chancellor was not present and was apparently represented by a proxy in the name of the Deputy Vice Chancellor.

3: The meeting commenced with a threat from the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Enala Mwase who warned senate members that they risked severe punishment if they disclosed deliberations of the meeting.

4: The Deputy Vice Chancellor was quizzed by some members of the senate why the meeting was called when a decision had already been communicated to President Lungu and Mnangagwa that they would be receiving doctorates before procedure was followed.
Professor Mwase effectively told the senate that they were not there to debate the merits or demerits of the awards, they were only there merely to rubberstamp the conferral.

They needed the signatures of these professors to validate the award and it was done by force and with threats of dismissal to those that didn’t comply.

In short this was blackmail.

Clearly this was done by coercion.

The decision to award the doctorates was made before the UNZA senate was convened.

The UNZA senate was only convened to rubberstamp the process.

Those in the UNZA senate who objected to this process were warned of stern punishment including dismissal.

This was a dirty and rigged process and in future its very likely that the two recipients will be stripped of these awards when they are no longer in positions of power because due process was not followed.


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