Part Of Audience Outside Robins Park

Even money was not enough for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to say sorry to Grace Chinga’s family who are mad at him after her sudden death.

Bushiri’s K44 million was first offered to Grace Chinga’s family who vehemently rejected the offer labeling it ‘blood and dirty’ money.

On Friday morning Prophet Bushiri sent his team to Chinga residence in Chimwankhunda to deliver a K44 million cheque as a condolence package from him.

However, Grace Chinga’s family had reservations as they believe that their daughter’s soul was traded by dark powers after she refused to join Bushiri’s occult.

Upon realizing that his blood money cannot return to the underworld, the Prophet asked his team to fund something that is both urgent and national in nature. That is when he talked to his close friend Walter Nyamilandu Manda who has for sometime been a member of Illuminati.

The FAM President did not hesitate and flouted the procedures to call for an impromptu media briefing where the Prophet made his donation.

The football association regulations demand that anyone intending to donate anything should first make a formal written request which takes close to two weeks to process.

Within the two weeks, FAM takes the request to Sports Council where information on the donor is gathered. The council cross-checks with Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and Registrar General’s office to verify adherence matters on the part of the donor.
In Bushiri’s case, none of these procedures were followed, everything happened within a day just because the Prophet and Walter share occult affiliations.

Walter Nyamilandu has also previously paid his own sacrifices. He has paid the souls of his previous two wives and one girlfriend to the underworld through car accidents and sickness. Grace Chinga’s death has shocked Malawians as it has come at a time she was being coaxed to join Bushiri’s church, an offer she refused


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