By Intelligence Reporter
Monday , 18th March,2019

National Chairperson for Kuomboka Kufuluhela Committee, Mowa Zambwe who is also Induna Mukulwakashiko has disclosed to Barotseland Watchdog that this year Kuomboka Ceremony will not be held due to poor water levels.

In a secret Interview yesterday with BWD Intelligence reporter ,Induna Mukulwakashiko revealed that fundraising for Kuomboka will go ahead, but nature will not allow Kuomboka Ceremony to be held.

He said , quick survey was undertaken in Barotse plains to ascertain whether Kuomboka can be held , but results came negative implying that Kuomboka Ceremony will not be there.

When he was placed by BWD to explain why BRE have continued lobbying for financial support and intersifying on fundraising when they knew Kuomboka Ceremony will not take place this year,Induna Mukulwakashiko in response said BRE was hoping Kuomboka will take place this year.

He added that if the Ceremony will not be there this year , the money fundraised wil be definitely used for 2020 Kuomboka Ceremony.

” I can assure you that we shall never have Kuomboka this year due to water levels in Barotse plains. We shall hold a press conference soon to make BRE’s position on this year Kuomboka Ceremony. Unless Jesus makes a miracle to multiply water in the Barotse plains, for now no sign for Kuomboka this year. ” Disclosed National Chairperson for Kuomboka Induna Mukulwakashiko.

BWD’ s Comment:

BRE should just cancel all Kuomboka Ceremony activities and preparatory meetings.Simple logic is; Kuomboka only happens when there is water in Barotse Plains. Kuomboka means coming out of water(danger) to the dry safe land Limulunga. If there is no water in the plains ,this means there is no Kuomboka Ceremony this year.

BRE should stop misleading and stealing money from people. We shall arrest them for stealing from the poor people should they fail to hold Kuomboka after getting money from the people. Kuomboka Ceremony without water in Barotse plains is a missed call.



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