…as opposition electoral pact adopts UPND’s Hichilema as 2021 presidential candidate

A group of opposition political parties has agreed to form an electoral pact called the UPND Alliance to support one Presidential candidate in the forthcoming 2021 General Elections.

United Party for National Development, (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema will lead the pact in the election slated for 12 August, 2021.

UPND Alliance Chairperson, Charles Milupi announced Hichilema’s adoption Wednesday in Lusaka, giving him the discretion to choose a running mate from any source.

However, National Democratic Congress, (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili was not part of the meeting and according to party Spokesperson, Saboi Imboela – he is unwell.

Imboela, however, says her party is not opposed to a Hichilema led electoral pact as long as Kambwili is the running mate and that is non-negotiable.

In an exclusive interview with Byta FM News, Imboela discloses that the name of the pact has also been a contentious issue, because UPND Alliance does not reflect the interest of other parties.

She, however, declined to give further comment until the party’s vice president, who led the NDC delegation at the meeting updates the party about the negotiations.


  1. It is not easy to take someone from opposition as a running mate. As at now no one wants PF on the ground and NDC can not impose CK to be a running mate because also other political parties have presidents. The issue here is that PF is a dead party. Its like a rolling lion that has no teeth to bite in the field. PF can not win this election because everyone now is feeling the pain of its leadership. Someone is like Saul and David story – 1 Samuel 13- The Spirit of God has departed from Saul and Saul feels it that he is nothing nor wonder He wants to eliminate David by all means.

  2. Such are the unreasonable demands that have made the unity of purpose among opposition political parties elusive! This is a showing of greed and aggrandizement in a field of a number of party leaders who may demand the same! This is not the spirit of wanting to SERVE the people of Zambia for if it were the case the issue of position’s in a united front would be the last thing on these leaders’ minds! Let the parties form an alliance if they believe in its potency and leave it to whoever is the pact leader to nominate the team to work with! The opposition parties always have a way of shooting down hope in the people’s expectations when it really matters most!

  3. Kambwili is full of deceit. Sadly his followers have bought into it. Why didn’t he wait for the next meeting when a running mate would be picked? Why was he so quick to denounce his alliance colleagues? The issue is as follows:
    1. Kambwili is still PF; forming NDC was just out of frustration and only aimed at spewing venom at those who hounded him out of PF, especially Edgar Lungu.
    2. Joing the opposition alliance was just a marriage of convinience, hoping to find buddies to help him get at Lungu and company.
    3. But he only played into the hands of Lungu & Comp. All they did was to hire Chilufya Tayali and it was game over for Imbwili.
    4. Next, Lungu & Comp. dangled a pardon and PF running mate beit in Imbwili’s face, and he swallowed it all.
    5. From that point on, Kambwili’s heart has not been with the Opposition Alliance. Just a few days ago, he was shouting at his members, telling them to go join UPND if they wished.
    6. When challenged to state whether GBM was right or wrong about him going back to PF, all he said was that GBM was not his spokesman, that he would announce such matters himself.
    7. the rest of the Alliance colleagues have been watching all this carefully, and the picture was clear – Kambwili was no longer with them.
    8. So Lungu & Comp. have failed to use Kambwili to distabalise the Alliance or UPND.
    9. Kambwili has blown up the scheme in the face of Lungu and Comp.
    10. And Kambwili will now have a hard time getting the running mate position in PF or in the Alliance he is already denouncing.

  4. The problem with Zambians is that they believe too much in names rather than issues. I do not understand why some still think the name Kambwili has all the magic in the opposition.


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