… says it is totally unacceptable for President Hichilema to ask his people to seek revenge, adds that the PF will forever not manage to tame it’s people.

Lusaka … Thursday, October 14, 2021 [Smart Eagles]

Patriotic Front party vice president Hon. Given Lubinda says it is totally unexpected and unacceptable for President Hakainde Hichilema to call for an eye for an eye.

Addressing the media at the PF secretariat in Lusaka, Hon. Lubinda said it is disturbing that President Hichilema openly encouraged UPND thugs to continue hacking and harrasing innocent Zambians and PF members.

The PF vice president said it is unacceptable for the Head of State to ask his cadres to go and seek for revenge on PF members.

” President Hichilema should not reduce himself to be a partisan President. The remarks that attacks on PF are expected human nature makes sad reading. The extremely unguarded statement made by the highest office of the land must be condemned in its entirety,” Hon. Lubinda said.

” PF cadres are being attacked ruthlessly, tortured at the the hands of UPND cadres and our complaints to the Police, Human Rights Commission and the International community are being met with defeating silence,” He said.

Hon. Lubinda reminded President Hichilema that he was elected by Zambians and he is a President for all including criminals.

” On the hand President Hichilema is saying there is need for rule of law and on the other hand he is calling for a law of the jungle. I want to remind President Hichilema that he is a President for all including criminals and not only for the holy ones. He swore to defend the constitution of the country.

And Hon. Lubinda said the PF is not weak and its meekness should not be taken for granted.

He said the PF will forever not manage to tame its cadres.

” We are not weak and our being meek should not be taken for granted. We dont want to act the same way the UPND behaved while in opposition where they encouraged their members to defend themselves, because we will be adding fuel and recipe for anarchy,” Hon. Lubinda said.

” President Hichilema must not encourage Zambians to ignore the provision of the justice system. He must be reminded that if people committed atrocities against each other, there are procedures to follow and an eye for an eye is not one of them,” Hon. Lubinda said.


  1. Given, it pains to be in opposition. That’s exactly how the UPND felt that time when you in Government, that’s the same silence which the UPND complained of. So, just understand its their time, as long they don’t kill you. They are just making you stronger.

  2. I am lost. Did I miss something. A press statement? Where and when did HH order his supporters to seek revenge onthe PF without resorting to the laid down laws?

  3. Open your ears when listening. What you are saying was never said. He condemned violence but was sympathetic towards those who suffered at your hands.

    Why do you like tell lies man. You keep turning things around. Absolutely rubbish.

  4. Mr Hichilema uses very simple language for everyone to understand. I don’t know why Mr Lubinda could not understand what the president was saying. No where did the president
    tell his supporters to seek revenge. UPND members are civilized people. If they wanted to
    revenge they should have done so. They know you, they know where you stay and your
    movements, they should have come for you long time.

  5. I think the election loss is leading to madness in some losers. HH said he does DOES NOT AGREE that someone who was harassed by PF thugs should revenge. A mad man understands it the opposite way.

  6. HH condemned violence in opposition and now. Our people are now able to wear the T-shirts and other opposition party regalia freely which never happened during your reign.

    Cool down 2026 is too far, relax and carryout a postmortem why you lost horribly, even when the police and other security wings were on your side.

  7. Who is Lubinda Given kidding when he says being meek is not a sign of weakness. Lubinda himself is a victim of PF thuggery. He has now forgotten how he was beaten by his own cadres some months ago. We know what PF is so they should not pretend now that that that the ka party has been deserted.


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