WE ARE READY TO DEFEND OUR KING – Barotse youths , Indunas, chiefs and the people

– As Nabiwa Imikendu and group organizes youths in mongu to march and give solidarity with placards and banners insulting the Litunga

By L. Namukolo

Barotse Royal Establishment in Limulunga Royal village has once again maintained their stance that, they won’t entertain the authorities of Zambian government through the so called judiciary and its courts to continue insulting the biggest institution of Litungaship by subjecting it to litigation which is total Tabo and uncalled for.

Addressing the local people who went to pay courtesy call at the Kuta today to find out about the pending court case in Mongu high court.

People from Mushuwa, Nan’oko, Isambai, Moombo, Limulunga, Mabumbu and surrounding area expressed sadness in the manner the Kuta has entertained the current situation and offered solidarity to defend the Litingaship at all costs. The local people vehemently declared that let anyone try to step on the palace grounds and see their fate as they are ready to die for their institution.

However, the Kuta urged the people to be vigilant and steadfast as the enemies are closer among ourselves who are working with suppressors in order to completely destroy our institution which is the highest authority in the land.

Local people have said for past 500 years there have never been such insults been brought to the Kuta not even in the colonial time never. “We had Kenneth Kaunda , late Fredrick Chiluba , late levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda , late Michael Sata and now Edgar Lungu who seems to be determined to completely destroy and abolish our Litungaship using our people, will never let foreigners destroy us. When you hear a fellow lozi that is supporting to insult his or her parents just know that person is not there child. No one can feel good to see his or her parents been insulted and you quiet and laugh, once he dies you will remain without a parent”. One of the angry youths stated.

However, his Royal Highness Chief Chiengele kashengula nyumbu of Mushuwa palace in Nan’oko area of Limulunga has disclosed that From time immemorial, Litunga has never been dethroned by litigation. “We have our own system of dealing with such a matter. I’m in support of the Kuta. We shouldn’t let people destroy our own institution”he said

The BRE youths wing has reported to have managed to mobilize hundreds of youths in the 16 districts of Barotseland. The youths will camp in Lealui Royal village starting on the 25th November. Security will be provided by the Barotse youth wing.

However, speaking on behalf of the Kuta of Naliele, Imangamba said As the Kuta they have been following this case closely. And If we are really the people that fights for our cause I want to say that we should not allow the following:
– Litunga should never appear in the Zambian courts. Our forefathers had a way of dealing with an ailing Litunga.
– We should never allow Namuso to say that we are getting indepence because Zambian government is taking his majesty the Litunga to their court. Dragging his Majesty the Litunga to Zambian court or not Barotseland should be free, it’s a must.

In the latest development, Nalolo Kuta have said the people of Barotseland should stick to the independence.
The shortcomings of Lubosi Imwiko II, as the reigning Litunga of Barotseland should never drive us into destroying our institution. If Lubosi as a reigning Litunga of Barotseland is dethroned by Zambian courts that will be a very bad picture and precedent that should never be allowed to happen in our lives.

However never forget about the struggle because the whole world will prove that we have no muscle for the struggle.

Meanwhile, according to the sources who are familiar with the litigants they have disclosed that, Nabiwa imikendu and group are organizing youths to march to Mongu high court to offer them solidarity on 1st December. The youths informed BBN that they intend to carry placards and banners written words and remarks denouncing and rejecting lubosi Imwiko as the Litunga of Barotseland. The youths will be denouncing the BRE and Litunga at the court. But majority of the youths that have been approached have refused and said they support their Litungaship.

Nabiwa imikendu a former Induna Imbwae one of the litigants is an installer of Barotseland Kings and is very much aware of the 100 ways to dethrone a king. By traditional a King self dethrones once he enters a court of law.

Meanwhile, some scholars have argued that His Justice minister Natamoyo or the prime minister, sope, Ngambela can represent the Litunga in such matters. According to Bulozi London, a truely nationalist who has the heart for the kingdom has disclosed that Precedence was set when Sekeli Konoso once tried to engage King Mwanawina in court but failed. -Barotseland Broadcasting Network



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