Davies Mwila

RULING Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has announced that 8 lawyers have been assembled to challenge the Presidential Election Results should ECZ declare UPND President Hakainde Hichilema winner of the 12th August 2021 Elections.

Hon Mwila has also challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and some named Electoral Observers to come out and condemn the violence that was being perpetrated by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his campaign team.

Speaking today when he toured and held various campaign meetings in the all wards of Mandevu Constituency in Lusaka, Hon Mwila said Mr. Hichilema was determined to rig this year’s election in his favour at all costs. He disclosed that following credible revelations, the Ruling Party has now assembled 8 lawyers to challenge Mr Hichilema’s victory should UPND win the elections. Hon Mwila has also advised the electorates on the ground to go out in large numbers and vote for President Lungu and other PF candidates on August 12 to reverse any possible HH victory. “We will suffer if the ruling party loses.”, he said.

Yesterday, PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza also announced that PF would petition the presidential election should HH win the polls. – Zambian Bulletin


    • You will indeed suffer Mr mwila just wait and see. All the atrocities you have committed to the people of zambia will not go unpunished. You are losing this August election to hh and deep down you know only carders are with you. Most of the people you are with are only eating your money but will not vote for you.

  1. Scared PF, just relax and talk to HH. He is not like you. He respects every human being. Dialogue with him now for safe exit.

  2. On what basis we chikopo iwe? How do you challenge the elections that have not been held yet? Having drop out of lawyers is one thing, winning the case is also another. do not waste your time talking, get busy packing your katundu, your boss also needs people like you to help him pack his katundu. It is not like you don’t know where you are going, you know very well. You once told your PumbaFu party members that you you will fill the prisons. So just be ready.

  3. This PF SG is now proudly saying PF has stolen enough public money to pay for numerous lawyers to petition the presidential elections when HH wins the August 2021 elections. What a statement from the SG of a ruling party which is known for corruption and abusing public money. What wickedness is this??

  4. Interesting you are controlling the police, the judges to rule in your favour, ministry of health to inflate the pandemic result, allowing only lungu to campaign in the name of project inspection yet this on campaign, inonge is use government money to facilitate luos campaign movement, so honestly what ll your petition put forward in your complaint. Boss imbwa tabosa ichifwele. Stealing is good but then one day it becomes owner day, like 12 th august will be for zambia, apparently the police ll not be able to stop poeple voting f for the opposition from voting for HH like they stopped the opposition from having rallies. I have voted for one person twice and I cant vote for him for a third time NO, constitution abrogated but not the vote.

  5. Time to think back and remember what somebody reminded us the other year, “tomorrow is coming!” Indeed nobody knows tomorrow and thats why it is always not only good and wiser to do things right always and respect everyone and the rule of LAW even if one is in authority (Police, Power, Judge, Employer,Commander, Pastor) than take things personal “defacto stance”.


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