The complainants in the case of criminal trespass against UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema have confessed they had no interest taking the businessman-cum-politician to court.

Pheluna and Milton Hatembo have also fired their lawyer and are asking the Law Association of Zambia, (LAZ) to discipline him for acting on their behalf without their permission to appeal the recent High Court ruling.

In an exclusive interview with Byta FM News Friday morning, Pheluna disclosed that she initiated court processes to prove to her brothers that she had nothing to do with the sale of the property.

Asked whether she knew the farm was properly bought, Pheluna — who is the administrator of the property of the late Samson Siatembo, admits the farm was bought and adds that each family member sold their own portion even without her consent.
She has also categorically dismissed claims of being forced and threatened to withdraw the matter from court.

They recently lost the case in the High Court in which they accused Hichilema of trespassing on farm 1924 in Kalomo.

Meanwhile, Milton and his sister have denied challenging the ruling of Livingstone High Court Justice, C. Lombe Phiri that their case was statute barred in the Court of Appeal.
They have since withdrawn the appeal, while accusing their lawyer, L. Mumba of Messrs Fred Jere and Company of acting on their own interests.

Their letter addressed to the Law Association of Zambia, (LAZ) also seen by Byta FM wants Mumba disciplined for advancing his own interests or those of people unknown using the Hatembos’ names.

“…we would like to categorically state that we have not given Mr. Mumba instructions to appeal and we believe that the lawyer is advancing his own interests or those of people whom we do not know in lodging the appeal in our names, ” Pheluna and Milton’s letter stated.

Milton further says he does not want anything to do with the case and anyone wishing to advance it must leave them out.





  1. Some people are so evil and I know God the almighty is a fare God and he will continue exposing them until he puts them where they belong. Their evil act even led to the dirth of innocent souls. God will continue protecting Hikainde 1. We thank you God.

  2. Two lives lost all because of fishing for cases against a political opponent.
    2020 was really a bad year for the Christian Nation Declaration. Beginning of 2020, 50 lives were lost in gassing attacks. Known persons came out to confess they knew who was behind the gassings. Suffice to say the finger of blame soon deflected and pointed back at the false accusers! To date, we have no official report and Zambians have been made to blindly forgive and forget.
    How do you forget without knowing the truth to achieve full closure?
    Is this not miscarriage of Justice?
    I also wonder if any police officer would have been fired if those who died were both UPND members.
    KARMA is like that!
    May the Evil Schemes catch up and overtake their Architects!

  3. Now the family has to cover the legal costs of both their lawyers & those for HH. Good luck with your sponsors paying for you….


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