Laura Miti


She writes…..

Zambia is going to need MPs to be heros if the very detrimental constitutional amendments adopted by the NDF are not to be passed by Parliament.

We do not need and cannot afford Deputy Ministers, the Coalition Government proposal is self serving, the non dissolution of Parliament before a general election is undemocratic.

I am praying praying praying that opposition as well as independent MPs refuse to assist President Lungu to use our constitution as a means to hold on to power.

More importantly, I am hoping that, like in 1991, there are some among ruling party MPs who choose to put Zambia before party.

Without the MPs who took the people’s side in 1991, KK would have lasted longer. Those MPs have a venerated place in our history.

Will we be able to find a new generation of hero MPs this time round? MPs who are and love PF but understand that country must never be harmed!


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