The nationalisation of KCM should be done responsibly and by mining experts, professional accountants and seasoned lawyers with the best intentions for the people of Zambia to achieve a good outcome for the people of Zambia.

We therefore reject and condemn the appointment of a corrupt lawyer Milingo Lungu to spearhead this process.

Milingo Lungu is the same corrupt PF lawyer who received $140,000 on behalf of Ronald Chitotela. This is a corrupt lawyer who has patricipated in money laundering activities and receiving bribes from government contractors. He can’t be trusted to oversee significant national assets of such economic importance. He also has no competence or experience in handling liquidations. We further reject the appointment of Amos Chanda, Kaizar Zulu and other state house staff to participate in this process. These are known corrupt criminals.

We are also deeply concerned about the reports of looting of copper cathode, concentrates and KCM property that has been widely reported today.

President Lungu must rethink his strategy, he should :
1: Appoint independent, credible and experienced lawyers to handle this process.
2: Appoint a committee of mining experts such as mining engineers, civil engineers, surveyors, accountants, valuers to manage the assets of KCM in the interim.
3: Maintain adequate security at KCM premises to prevent theft of stock, copper and other property.

4: Retain Zambian management staff who are already employed at KCM to manage the day to day operations of the company until this process is concluded.



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