Mutale Nalumango

10th July 2019


Those of us, who rejected the PF proposed road map to the constitutional amendments through their sham National Dialogue Forum (NDF), have been vindicated.

There are those of our citizens who thought we should probably have participated so that we would have argued and raised our concerns right inside the forum.

But sadly, what is coming out now are constitutional clauses that were not even subjected to the so-called NDF resolutions.

The 2016 constitutional amendments which we opposed, but arrogantly signed by Edgar Lungu at a huge cost at Heroes Stadium was a mess, but now the current one is an absolute disaster. A glaring disaster that is purely meant to serve a few thieving clique in the PF regime.

Fellow citizens, this is not about the UPND, PF, NGOs, or indeed any individuals, it is about all of us Zambian citizens.

It is not about what is Hakainde Hichilema going to do about it to save the current messy situation, it is about what each one of us is doing as a Zambian citizen to rescue ourselves from this dangerous path.

Iconic anti apartheid hero, the dearly departed Nelson Mandela once said,

“Those who obey bad laws, are as guilty as those who craft them. They aren’t victims but accomplices”.

Therefore, those of us who will choose to sit idle and do nothing to reject the proposed retrogressive PF constitutional amendments under the guise of the shambolic NDF, must plead guilty to posterity. Those who will not stand up to defend ourselves from the PF’s deepening path to dictatorship must plead guilty and not hide under the caveate of ‘its a law so we had to obey it’.

What liberated Zambia from the yokes of colonialism was to disobey the segregative colonialists laws. We have a choice on whether to stand on the right or wrong side of history.

We therefore applaud the activism of some of our brave citizens from church mother bodies and civil society organizations who are doing a tremendous job to stop the PF impunity.

To our colleagues in the PF regime pushing these evil schemes, we urge you to search your consciousness and listen.

History is littered with examples of tyrannical leaders, even from biblical times, who crafted laws and institutions for self preservation, but the end result was the same bad laws and institutions ended up consuming them.

Equally, there are leaders who did their best to create just laws and institutions for their territories, and when they were no longer in position of authority, the good laws and institutions protected them.

We must never underestimate the power of citizens acting in numbers. Power lies not in the purchase of bullets and heavy artillery against citizens, it lies in the people.

We still have an opportunity to do that which is right. We call on all our great citizens of this great nation to rescue our beloved Zambia from this PF nightmare. PF MUST GO!!!!

Mutale Nalumango
UPND National Chairperson


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