15th May 2019


The repression under PF has reached extremely desperate and disheartening levels.

We are extremely disheartened at the media reports that some employees at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola have been suspended for merely allowing us to use the Airport.

The reports that Ndola Airports Manager Mr. Joseph Mumba and security officer Fridah Mupasha have been put on suspension on allegations that they allowed us safe passage and showed courtesy as they always do to any other passenger are deeply troubling.

It is unacceptable that we should continue being discriminated against for exercising our democratic and constitutional rights to offer ourselves to improve the ever deteriorating standards of lives of the majority of our fellow citizens.

As UPND leaders and members, we have suffered serious human rights violations under the PF regime such as arbitrary detentions, violently stopping us from peaceful assembly and now attempting to deny us access to public facilities such as an Airport.

The nation and the world at large would wish to know that the PF had even instructed the Police to eject us from a Catholic Church in Ndola on unbelievable grounds that we did not have a police permit to congregate with our fellow Christians.

That action was however not unexpected from the brutal PF regime because we experienced it in Sesheke during the parliamentary by elections. We were prevented from attending church and the funeral of the late father to our candidate.

Our public interactions in Ndola were peaceful and incident free except for the attempted confusion by the police under political instructions.

It is heart breaking that the suspended Ndola Airport employees join thousands of other professionals who have lost jobs purely on discriminatory grounds such as their suspected political affiliation and their ethnicity.

Now the so called National Dialogue Forum (NDF) has heartlessly resolved that such victims of PF brutality should no longer be on payroll even if they are not paid their benefits.
All such human violations are done in an effort to fix one person, HH, instead of fixing the crumbling economy.

However, such repression simply adds to our resolve for a better, united and prosperous Zambia where everyone’s rights and freedoms will be respected regardless of their opinions or where they come from.

The poverty and hunger levels have worsened in the country because of the failure by the PF to manage the economy, which has virtually collapsed.

We call upon everyone to realise that the persecution of UPND leaders, members and anyone suspected of being its sympathiser is a huge PF project aimed at perpetuation PF’s ruthless rule beyond 2021. If that happens, it will be the end of hope for a better Zambia.

But as citizens, we can restore sanity in the country through PEOPLE’S POWER by exercising our democratic right to usher in the UPND leadership which will be more responsible and tolerant.

*Hakainde Hichilema*
*UPND President*



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