Our consistency counsel to Mr. Edgar Lungu to face the reality and address real issues affecting Zambians has been always attributed to bitterness. On several occasions we have advised him to learn to listen to what Zambians are crying for, but he has imbracred more advice from his club of thieves PF minions like Bownman Lusambo, Kampyongo, Sunday Chanda and others.

Last week he was all over the country gallavanting in what he claims to be service delivery to the nation. He first came across one of our sisters Chama who has been battling with cancer. Due to misguidance he is receiving from his handlers like Zumani they advised him to take advantage of the patient by donating K60 000. He went on to cry for applauding (manja manja) which some of us denied him because we feel he is the main reason why our health care system has gone down. Lungu has outlived his usefulness and this can be deduced through the honey bee scandal where he procured expired drugs for the country.We are reliably informed that the expired drugs saga began way back in 2016 and in one of the Auditor General’s report this issue was highlighted but PF ignored it just like the funding of terrorism has died a natural death.

However, last week he rewarded CBU union leaders a bus for issuing a statement that HH will not be allowed to campaign there.But the populance of CBU University waited patiently to show father Christmas that they are not fools as he is trying to put it. When the bus arrived students went to receive it chanting opposition UPND slogans. This should be a warning to Edgar lungu and his minions that Zambians are tired of PF. This is exactly what will happen to voting. The areas where they registered more voters will turn against them because they are suffering just like any other Zambian.

Our advice to Mr Lungu is that since he is not eligible to stand again as the constitution does not allow him, to keep himself busy, he should take up the role of Father Christmas. In Zambia we can have a full time Father Christmas that is the job description he can fit perfectly.VIVA CBU for mastering the art of chewing money of a desperate regime. They thought Zambians as corrupt as they are, they resisted Mr Banda’s money in preference of good governance. They may be poor but, they know Lungu does not mean well for this country.

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International




  1. CBU students chanting forward forward the upnd slogan. Shame on their leader for letting them down. They must remember him when there are elections for cobusu.


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