By Top Secret.
PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza writes below…

We have taken note of companies that are not complying with the Revised Minimum Wage and we are pursuing them with The Ministry of Labour through the Labour Commission.

So far we have made tremendous progress.

We urge anyone who is affected to contact the nearest Labour Office, your Civic Leader or indeed the Patriotic Front office for help.

As a governing party, we have a sacred duty to ensure that Government Policy is implemented. We have therefore developed comprehensive Implementation Frameworks on all key Government Policies to ensure effective and efficient implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Policies.

In line with our Party Manifesto of 2016-2021, we have developed the Seventh National Development Plan in pursuit of our Vision 2030.

As party functionaries, we are foot soldiers and the brains behind the successful implementation of Government Policies hence we will neither hesitate nor cow in our duty to ensure that everyone complies with the Revised Minimum Wage.

We are available 24/7 for duty.

Antonio MWANZA
PF Deputy Media Director
Party Headquarters


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