Valden Findley


THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Office of the President Intelligence (OP) informed President Edgar about the illegal drug involvement of Findlay and his association with State House almost a year ago but he ignored them.

According to intelligence sources, there is nothing new that opposition National Democratic Focus (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili was revealing as DEC already has the information which was supplied to them by independent wings outside the country.

The DEC and the OP are even surprised that President Lungu seemed shocked with the revelations that Kambwili made two days ago that Findlay was using the presidential plane to peddle illegal drugs.

“We told the boss to get rid of Findlay, it’s only that things have now come in public,” they complained.

These reports were rejected and ignored by President Lungu with impunity and DEC did not want to be misunderstood. The reports were coming from highly authentic sources to be ignored and it was not possible for the DEC to keep to themselves hence briefing the President on several occasions.

“These reports kept popping up every now and them. The DEC, the Police intelligence, Interpol and the Office of the President (OP) could not sit on it” the source said.

The summoning of Kambwili to appear before the DEC for interview is pure drama and rehearsed comedy because of pressure coming from the President who wants to be seen to be doing something about the allegations.

The OP and the DEC even have much detailed information about the matter than what Kambwili has revealed to the public. This explains why they have serious challenges and have committed not to arrest him because they know he is saying the truth.

To save President Lungu’s face and theirs the DEC has to talk to Kambwili just in case he has any additional information from what he stated in public.

Professionally, the DEC was even reluctant to talk to Kambwili but threats came from State House that they should threaten him to shut him up. It explain why even the summons for him to appear at DEC for interview were written deep in the night and served very early in the morning. This was despite the DEC earlier advising Kambwili to choose an appropriate place and time to meet its officers.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



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