We would like to categorically state that after the brutal killing of our member, Laurence Banda, we as UPND youths have resolved to defend ourselves when attacked by the PF.

We will not sit back and run when accosted by PF thugs. We shall instead stand up and fight back with all we have at our disposal.

We will do this with full understanding that the institutions mandated to protect us from the PF brutality have completely collapsed and we cannot rely on the compromised and weak police to protect us from the wrath of the violent PF cadres and their leaders.

Its not a hidden fact that PF cadres wantonly break the law and carry illegal weapons with impunity. This is done in the full presence of the police.

If we dont defend and protect ourselves nobody will. They will continue to attack, brutalize, maim and kill us whilst the police pay a blind eye on this carnage.

Like Malcolm X once said,

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery”.

We have a right to defend ourselves. We have a right to life. Its legal to use reasonable force or defensive force, for the purpose of defending one’s own life. Its not unlawful to use self defense under Zambian laws.

The Bill of Rights Article 11(a) and Article 12(3)(a) provides for self defense. Section 17 of the Penal Code says,

‘Subject to any other provisions of this Code, or any other law for the time being in force, a person shall not be criminally responsible for the use of force in repelling an unlawful attack upon his person or property, or the other person or the person or property of any other person, if the means he uses and the degree of force he employs in doing so are no more than is necessary in the circumstances to repel the unlawful attack.’

In essence what this means is that if someone attacks you with a gun, you have a right to defend yourself using a gun. If someone attacks you with a panga you have the right to defend yourself using a panga.

We are tired of crying victim as UPND youths. Zambia is our country too. Lets defend ourselves from these blood thirsty PF thugs.

Subeta Mutelo,
UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson



  1. Comment:The problem is that the same UPND shll be the first to cry faul as they have always done. They enjoy causing confusions to seek sympaphies and to claim popularity. But have you tried the legal methords of removing the PF cadres before resoting to the use of force? Good luck, you may have yourselves to blame.


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