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UNIVERSITY of Zambia (UNZA) Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba says there is no truth in media reports that his university will start offering a Bachelor’s degree in Witchcraft.

Mumba says the program which UNESCO is funding will only offer Witchcraft as part of the subjects which will be taught under a Bachelor’s Degree In Intangible Cultural Heritage .

And a UNZA lecture Moffat Moyo who claims he is an expert in Intangible Cultural Heritage says he will soon explain how Witchcraft comes into the yet to be introduced Degree program.

Meanwhile, Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili says she has sent experts to determine if a Degree that teaches Witchcraft promotes a Christian identity of Zambia.

And former minister Katele Kalumba has said there is nothing wrong with learning how to undertake nature provided that there is no harm caused to people.

Kalumba says he has offered his services as consultant in the program funded by UNESCO.


  1. This is pure shit and nonsense by UNZA to say the least! Witchcraft is meant to kill and nothing else. Katele Kalumba is just one of the stupid people because everyone knows that witchcraft does “NOT undertake nature” and is used to kill or “harm people.”
    Can Katele and Luke Muba tell us how students will be doing practicals in Witchcraft without bewitching people to make them sick or killing them instantly? Death or sickness proves the efficacy or effectiveness of Witchcraft. Even Haiti which is well known for Vodoo does not teach it at their University.
    Just for the love of money from UNESCO how can our educated people like Katele and Luke Mumba accept the stupidity of doing such foolish things which they cannot even control or reverse!
    Please Govt, tell UNESCO to take its stupidity somewhere else. Very soon people will be getting killed for human body parts like human heart, eyes, brains, etc to be used at UNZA in witchcraft studies.
    This is time for our elected politicians, the MPs, to stop this nonsense! We already have a lot of problems to deal with so why bring such shit to our people?

  2. Why should people start talking about teaching something which has not been researched yet. I thought it was prudent to research on the subject under discussion and merit it for studies if need be instead of teaching what could be classified as magic. Out of the literature gathered is when teaching can be determined. How do you teach underworld spiritual forces without proof? Talk about traditional medicine first ,yes that is more of relevance than voodoo.

  3. Its unesco and zambian elites.Money is above thinking.when anyone gives one money to kill his mother ,one will kill.Those with money has enslaved the poor.zLet that subject be taught in Europe.Poor zambians receive anything be it polices,loans or witchcraft!!!!!!!


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