Saboi Imboela



NDC spokeswoman Saboi Imboela says it is better for PF to continue in power than allowing UPND form government.

“At the rate the UPND is displaying selfishness, we would rather work with PF than removing the PF. We may usher in a more evil UPND,” says Saboi Imboela on Hot FM this morning.


  1. Selfish opposition parties are those that want positions and leadership. So when they are not elected to lead they go the ruling for their selfish reasons.

  2. These are selfish idiots who pay a blind eye on what is happening to the economy OF Zambia. All they dream of is aligning their dummies and stealing from public coffers. They think leadership is all about sharing positions instead of service to the poverty stricken Zambians. Let them go on their own and wishing them well with their fellow corrupt PF.

  3. They wanted their political leader to ba a Vice president of UPND so that attain positions as well. These ruthless thieves. Where is their morals? They have exposed their true colors.

  4. This advance information from NDC that they would rather support PF instead of UPND should be taken into account in the strategies the opposition alliance will use to dislodge PF from power. This decision by NDC even before UPND has made a decision on who will be the running mate to HH as the presidential candidate for UPND should be taken as ” good riddance ” by UPND. Now the hard work is ahead. The UPND alliance now knows who the potential threats to their winning the 2021 elections are. Forward chabe forward !!

  5. They needed to be rattled with a little stick to see their true colours, suddenly the have changed colour to green, anyway their coming out and giving their true position is good for UPND to plan.

  6. If they are as strong as they claim why don’t they stand on their own instead of supporting PF?
    From their statements so far, it seems they are the selfish ones in this case. Just because they didn’t get what they were expecting, they have started calling their friends names. Even calling other parties as “nashala neka parties” just because they support UPND.
    Personally, I have never trusted CK and Saboi, they seem to be unstable when it comes to politics.

  7. How do you choose to support Pf that has caused more economic misery to the Zambian people. You were already corrupted no wonder the Ndc leader has remained mute about the alliance.

  8. Fuck off no money to handed to whore in upnd, dont not be moved upnd and HH this fool was coming as a spy and a sell out like his brother with a moroshi sack (sisal bag) hidden in a shirt. Good luck kashimba chinbwi, you a a scavenger from you day as a jerabo and scrap metal metal dealer, whom to my knowledge is a common criminal period.


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