WEIRD: MUGABE TO CONTINUE Giving Orders From The Grave.

OF COURSE the funeral of a former President is a grand affair, but this is way too futuristic.
The remains of former President of Zimbabwe, Cde Robert G. Mugabe arrived in his home country yesterday. Mugabe died in Singapore nearly a week ago. The body is laying in state at the family Mansion, Blue Roof, Harare, awaiting burial.



The occassion is supposed to be a funeral, sombre, thick with sorrow and red eyes from wailing, but for the casket. No one in his wildest imagination expected this level of Pharonic splendour.

The casket is a marvel, it’s connected to electricity, fitted with a thermostat and a reclinable pillow. That’s not all, it has internet connections, a professional head set, a mouse, key board and cameras. The open cover of the coffin has a big monitor (screen) and a man is seated next to the coffin to monitor the devices.


ll these gadgets are there to cater for those that want to ask questions about the late president, watch a particular video or recital of Mugabe quotes and sayings.
Several Zimbabwe based Radio, TV stations and websites are providing frequenty updates on the funeral and new developments regarding the late president’s funeral.



However, there is one hurdle to cross, a difficult one for that matter. Former President Mugabe instructed his family and close associates never to allow Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man who took over from him, to preside over his funeral.
This is indeed a difficult period for people of Zimbabwe.
Pamberi ne Robert Mugabe (the “be” in Mugabe is pronounced as “bbe” in Shona). End

SOURCE: Liberal Opinion




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