1. Kalamba even you cannot undo and put things in place by the click of your finger. You more than us know the nightmare the PF has left in our country

    • Ba kalaba you are joining the chinama bandwagon slowly. Thought you are intelligent and understanding that it’s barely a month in power you can’t expect miracles. Give space to the president to work. Don’t try to be opposition for the sake of it, do it intelligently and smartly and separate yourself from the low quality checks and balances from the pf surrogates. Upnd never gave themselves 90 days but you are giving them and judging them on that , very unfair. You are slowly becoming irrelevant.

  2. Ba Kalaba, Who are you to give ultimatums to the ruling party? How many people do you command? Stop cheating yourself that you are popular. Grow your DP first.
    UPND grew over a period of time. They grew strong out of persecution from that evil pf regime.


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