PF MEMBERS of the central committee and some senior government officials believe health minister Chitalu Chilufya and his information counterpart Dora Siliya want to create “mayhem and hysteria” in the country, over the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, PF insiders say Dr Chilufya has hired some strategic ruling party cadres to collect donated COVID-19 materials and sell on the market as a way of keeping such political cadres loyal to him.

They say the two Cabinet ministers, working with many others unnamed but known, are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a launch pad for Dr Chilufya’s PF presidency.

The sources spoke to The Mast, anonymously, on Monday.

On Saturday, Siliya announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

But the sources are challenging Siliya, the Petauke Central PF member of parliament, to name the health facility where she went for testing.

“The whole idea of that hoax by Dora that she’s COVID-19 positive is to create drama and attention for herself. She claims that she took a test and she informed the health authorities when the test came out positive. But there’s no private testing that is being done in the country. All testing is done at designated government institutions,” the sources said. “There is no single private clinic or hospital where testing is done. So, where did she do her testing from, for her to start informing the health authorities that ‘I had a test and I found that my test was positive?’ Where did she do her test? She has to be challenged. If she had a private test, who did that private test when private testing is not authorised?”

The sources noted that every time President Edgar Lungu updated the nation on the COVID-19, “the following day there’s some drama coming from either Chitalu Chilufya or now Dora Siliya.”

“Secondly, she (Siliya) claims that she was observing social distancing, masking up, hand-sanitising. She emphasises that because she wants to send a signal in the mind of the Zambians that what the President has been telling you is all rubbish – ‘It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told to do; you are not safe because government is not putting in place good measures’,” they said.

“They are just trying to slap the President in the face and this is a scheme.”

The sources underscored that Siliya’s COVID-19 positive result is a trick that Zambians should not buy.

“That test is a hoax and we are challenging her to tell the Zambian people which facility she used for her testing. The scheme which Chilufya, Dora and others have is to try to use COVID-19 as the launch-pad for Chilufya’s 2021 presidential elections within PF,” the sources said. “They are trying hard to push an agenda of creating some doubt in the mind of Zambians that Zambia is unsafe from this COVID-19. Chilufya, Dora and some other people want to create mayhem and hysteria so that Zambians can think that ‘we are not safe from COVID-19 under the leadership of Lungu’.”

They added that Dr Chilufya, Siliya and others: “really want to cause a frenzy but we are watching every step they make.”

“How can you start pushing for targeted mass-testing of senior government officials because of Dora’s hoax of being positive? Dora was quiet throughout that Cabinet meeting last week on Wednesday. During the meeting, two people sat in front of her and another two were sitting at a distance, behind her,” noted the sources.

“But how did she spread COVID-19, assuming that she was genuinely positive? But the truth of the matter is that whatever she announced is a hoax and they are using COVID-19 as a launch-pad for Chilufya’s presidency. The good part is that we are aware, both in the PF and in the government.”

On Dr Chilufya hiring cadres to prop-up his presidency bid, the sources said: “Kennedy Kamba (Lusaka Province interim PF secretary) is the mastermind agent of Dr Chilufya.”

“He (Kamba) is the one recruiting more cadres who will be going to collect those donated COVID-19 materials. Actually, Kamba is recruiting vocal cadres who are running small businesses,” said the sources.

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  1. What would you so with these guys if you were the appointing authority? What you are thinking is what I would do. But that can never happen in the Kulya Mwibala Farm.

  2. What would you with these guys if you were the appointing authority? Exactly what you are thinking is what I would do. But that can never happen in the Kulya Mwibala Farm.

  3. Ya if you keep a python snake remember one day it will bite you or kill you finally ,President Lungu trust Chilufya and Dora very much he couldn’t listen to people when he was advised that one of these especially Dora was the one who made Rupia to fail and exactly this is how Lungu will be dribbled and he will cry more than Lupiya Bwezani cried .

  4. First it was Saboi Imboela and Bob Sichinga, now its the PF doubting Hon. Siliya’s COVID 19 status. There is no smoke without fire. I am 110% sure Hon. Siliya will address this issue of the private facility she visited. That Dr Chitalu Chilufyanya is trying to buy time from the ACC interogations is an open secret.
    But again, I doubt the ACC will find anything wrong because you cannot find any evidence when he (Dr Chilufyanya) is still minister. Just how do you (ACC) investigate a crime when you are leaving the suspect with the freedom to contaminate the crime scene?

  5. Let the legitimate health authority test Dora Siliya and Dr. Chilufya for covid-19. If they test negative then one can conclude that they are not sincere on their claims to have been tested positive to covid-19.

  6. Who is still doubting Seer 0+1? Let me the hands. Confusion will reign in OF camp, are not hearing and seeing it? Just open primary TV. It has done nothing wrong.

  7. Who is still doubting Seer 0+1? Let me see the hands. Confusion will reign in PF camp, he said it. Are you not seeing and hearing it? Just open primary TV. It has done no wrong.

  8. As Parliament resumes sitting on 9 June 2020 Hon. Dora Siliya and Chitalu Chilufya should not be part of parliament. Those with the Virus are supposed to be quarantined for at least 21 days. The Government should also test the other ministers who attended cabinet meeting to avoid infecting others in Parliament. We take this opportunity to wish them quick recovery.


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