Hey, it’s Wezi with the Flip Flops. Why does she wear ma tropiko? These Zambian celebrities awe shuwa ku waya wayafye…

Most of the hurtful comments I’ve read about me have been from women. Ladies love to roast ladies. They just hate to see someone be different. Yes, I accept not everyone will be impressed by who I am. Yes, not everyone will be comfortable with me being me in this world but I will not apologize to anyone for being myself.

Success is not measured by the kind of footwear someone has on. Trust me, some of these women roasting me wear nice shoes, beautiful heels but they don’t walk the path of integrity. They don’t stand firm in the things of God! They are only good at shaming other women. I am yet to be successful & my potential intimidates others but that truly isn’t my fault. I have never woken up to posting negative comments on another persons image just to bring them down. It shouldn’t be anyone’s excuse that I am a public figure & that it gives you the right to be disrespectful to me because you hate the fact that I have embraced myself.

The problem isn’t me who is a multi award winning artist that is comfortable enough to wear flip flops when ever and where ever I want, the problem is you who has a problem with me being comfortable. What is wrong with you? Why do you concern yourself so much with why I am comfortable???? Look(women especially), I didn’t come to be a celebrity and if my gift isn’t enough for you, please take up the challenge, do the celebrity thing yourself because I choose to stay true to myself: a shoe hating individual. Call me names! Say whatever! Continue roasting me but remember that I will stay writing my music and growing myself as an artist without shoes on.

With your heels, continue to break people’s spirit with those hurtful worlds. Your karma will locate you. If all this was happening 5 years ago, I’d be freaking out but this is just me showing off my new found strength which I’ve gotten because of my confidence in God. God who loves me without shoes on. God who sees that I don’t care about shoes and there’s nothing wrong with that. God who understands that I am extremely intelligent and my beauty is unaffected by what is on my feet!
I hate weaves! I hate make up! I do make up when ever I feel like I want to but I am not like some of you who can’t live without a mask on! If you think I’m ugly, I am unaffected by that opinion because it doesn’t subtract from the wonder that I am.

Let’s say I can afford to but I choose not to because I don’t want to buy expensive shoes. Some of you go too far with impressing people, you wouldn’t even want others to know the story behind you wearing those gorgeous shoes you have on. Truthfully it’s a shame. I refuse for you to turn me into you. Stay in that struggle, I am happy being insulted for being me. I am typing all this because I care for you who cares less for yourself and more about what’s on my feet. And to the Divas that think every woman should thrive to become a Diva, calm down. You aren’t wiser than God. He made us different, some of us are in love with the simple things in life. There’s nothing wrong with always killing it with the outfits but accept that there’s us too who don’t care about killing it!!!

To all the young people reading this, please don’t do things because the world says you should. Be you! Be different. They will hate. They will get tired of hating, stay true to who you are! There’s nothing wrong with being you as long as you aren’t harming yourself or another person, this is me: being an example. Don’t bleach your skin because they think dark girls are ugly. Don’t wear skimpy clothes because being fully clothed isn’t sexy. Don’t weave if you hate weaves. Don’t do what they think you should do. Let’s be ourselves despite what they want us to be… I love me as I am. I love you as you are.

Be Proud and free,
With love from Wezi.


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    aww wow!that’s true be true to yourself, if you’re always busy roasting others then you haven’t accepted yourself .If you have accepted yourself then you would accept others just as they are.


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