By McDonald Chipenzi


FROM the reports filtering through, President Lungu seemed to have gone there for a “holiday” in the Barotse plains and not to work.
Other than presenting cheques to some entrepreneurs, President Lungu never committed anything to do with development in Western Province.

The Man flew all the way to MONGU and perhaps only drove to some districts such as Limulunga and its sister Royal village Lealui and Nalolo which 1Km off the Mongu-senanga Road, all with some resemblance of tar roads with few potholes.
President Lungu and government leaders should not be flying to MONGU and when visiting rural provinces as this is pure running away from the poor road network in these Province.

Going to Nalolo and Lealui with tar roads does not resolve the issue of the bad road Network in the province.
Look at the political road of Katunda-Mangango-Lukulu Road since 2014, has remained unattended to despite promising the people during the by-election campaign that brought in the 3rd PF MP in the province, Rodgers Lingweshi.

The Tatayoyo-TBZ-Nkeyema-Kaoma Road, Kazungula-Sesheke Road, Mulobezi Road among many roads in Western Province.
This habit of leaders flying is what has made them blind to challenges facing the citizens hence when they drive they are booed.
When these leaders are booed they get agitated and sponsor their bamushanina ubwali to declare no go areas to people coming from those provinces where these leaders have been booed.

But how do u expect people to smile at these leaders when they are driving on potholed roads while they go and come back to Lusaka flyng over them?

Western Province needs special attention. It needs its road network to be done so that they also enjoy driving to and back to the Capital City from their province on well done roads even if they use ox-charts.

Look at the so called tollgate, the only one in the Province! It is a sorry site and when someone will be booed by the people, someone will accused the opposition. Shame!
I submit



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