‘If you can’t stand the heat, quit the kitchen’.

By Ackson Sejani

Monze episode was good. No stone was thrown only a party symbol was flashed even after the most extreme of provocations, that of tearing down our bill boards, chitenges and other regalia. Upnd only flashed their symbol.

Contrast this with with stones that fly when HH is on radio in some parts of this country. Compare this to the scenes that forced HH to scale the roof of a radio station in ndola to escape lynching by armed pf thugs. Compare this to the scenes that saw kambwili almost being hounded out of a radio station in kabwe.

Recall the scenes when pf hooligans almost dropped our chopper in chinsali. In all these incidents and many others we never heard a voice of condemnation from pf leaders and their clergy. What hypocrisy is this?

We will campaign in any part of Zambia and engage ruthlessly with any thug who will take us on. We are no longer a minority party who must be intimidated by a few empty tins making noise. What happened in monze is the stuff politics is made of.

If pf can not stand this heat and the coming heat, then they must throw in the towel and surrender. We have had enough of this nonsense, enough is enough!



  1. Even in Lusaka, Ndola kitwe anywhere even outside Zambia, Lungu would be booed. Let the PF cadres try carry out what they plan, let the police stay away. My God! The PF talk their talk hoping for a police back up. Without the police assist, no single PF cadres can dare do anything against a whole nation that has turned against them. And even the police can’t be relied 100% by PF, it’s getting riskier and riskier for them. Who doesn’t know where the police are in real?


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