ruth mbandu complexity

Miles sampa a politically finished and useless people at the moment when it comes to politics has become quite on Ruth Mbandu’s death.

Mr. Sampa who dated the NIPA student invited her at his place for unknown reasons around 20 hours and after that invitation the beautiful mbandu was gone.

Sampa and Solomon jere together acting with the help of sata burried the unexplained death.

There is no death that can not be explained, Zambian Watch will be on top of things now.

People want to know what truly happened, who killed Ruth and for what reasons!

It took us two years to investigate death of Ruth mbandu were Miles Sampa is directly involved.

We will publish what happened soon!


  1. better to forget and be happy than to remember and get upset. why do you keep on reminding us about this story, its like scraching a scar and add salt on it. please let a sleeping dog lay. am UPND supporter though. my surname tells it all

  2. Bring up better information not abt mbandu, talk of the economy and if u ve nothing to post its better to shut up than bringing stories that u cnt even understand yoself, go and search around for beneficial information not abt ruth

  3. Let’s not take death lightly just because the deceased is not your relation.The job of zp is to arrest the suspect and the court will prove his innocence.Even if it takes years to catch the suspect, the case will be pending.

  4. I think the best that can be done is not to rubbish this story. What ought to be done is to get silently concerned about such mysterious deaths and let authorities that be do their job in diligence as you with some information help the police get down and bring the culprits to book. Please do not be quick to rubbish such concerns.

  5. for those of u who a rubishing ths story, u,re jst showing ur ignorance, is it bcoz mbandu was nt ur relative? or bcoz these suspects being mention here a ur masters? let the media institutions do their job without fear or favour, go bac to sch u magots.

  6. It is very surprising how some Zambians? want the story swept under the carpet. This is highly immoral. Even if it was a toddler that died or was murdered, the truth should come out so that those that are responsible can be punished regardless of their status in society. It is surprising how some Zambians worship money and power.

  7. I think society deserves to know what happens to them despite their status in life. The Police promised people to be furnished with what happened to Ruth because investigations had been near completion then. But what followed were promotions and deployments of some Police officers. That is not how to govern a country. Citizens are entitled to their full life span given by God and anyone who terminates ones life for no cause should be punished because life is not a gift from individuals.

  8. people, a young, promising life was lost under very suspicious circumstances. Judge Muchenga was presiding over this case. Those of you who attended court cases probably could see how the case was proceeding. The lawyers are Mwimbu and Company. Jack Mwiimbu and his friends have more details from the legal side as they were representing the family for the late. They even have all the photos as aduced evidence. The suspected killers are known. The Indian who allegedly bought the facial skin is known and the bakery he runs in a named Lusaka area is known. It is also alleged that soon to be divorced and womanizer and former minister and presidential ambition’ abotee’ Miles has dated the late and that the late was pregnant but no DNA was done to determine paternity. There was blood in several places and several utensils but DNA tests were not done. In short our police has little capacity to investigate that complicated case. Remember it also involves rituals, sex, money and power. This is a complicated death and it must be investigated.


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