By Sitali Kaushiku

Alot of people in Barotseland have been asking on what is the relationship between HH and CML. Quiet alright there are all both successful Politicians, millionaires and businessmen.

The simple question is why did the ADD of Mr Charles MILUPI lose there Luena constituency seat?

His candidate Mr Mubita Anakoka an experienced Accountant and Auditor by professional lost to UPND’s Mr Mulonda Kundoti former ZNBC radio 1 producer.

Lozis who are in UPND are just been used as stepping stone for their selfishness and ego to climb up to power not that UPND loves lozi people. No!

ADD party had one MP in Luena, but all that support Mr. Milupi rendered to UPND was nothing to HH, UPND went ahead and put a candidate in Luena and they won that seat leaving ADD with nothing to point at, that HH is for you Mr. MILUPI, come in to your senses atleast have an agreement and fight for your areas and please go into pacts with political party’s that has the space for every person respective where you are coming from.
Mr Milupi never had time or even at one chance go to luena to campaign for his MP but he was busy moving with HH and leaving all work with Mr Mubita Anakoka all alone. The only benefit that ADD got was to give its former Luena MP Ms. Imenda an administrative job at UPND secretariat that’s so. Think about it.
Bana ba hesu alu kwa luleni meto. We shouldn’t be used always.



  1. Comment: bo sitali,I see that you want to advance a tribal agenda. please don’t separate us we are one people. maybe you are being used by those who seek to isolate the Tongas for their tribak politics

  2. Thats so dividing and selfish talk of a poor jealous person who cant see beyond their nose.Tongas have lived with the Lozis people without any problems.Whoever is using you it wont work.Am Bemba and I ve lived with Tonga people I know them.We are more TRIBAL people than them…


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