There’s always been a dark lingering question that has remained unanswered for years.

What is Valden Findlay’s role at State House?

This man appeared quietly from nowhere like a ghost in the night.
This man does not have any announced role in the government both formally or informally. He’s a very close associate of the President.

He travels with the President on almost all foreign trips, even the private trips of the President.
He is extremely close to the President, a right hand man.
Whenever the President disembarks from his jet, Valden Findlay is almost always the next one to follow.

The Presidential plane and presidential trips are funded by public money and the taxpayer.

It is therefore within our right to ask the President these questions.

What is the nature of your relationship with Valden Findlay?

What is his role or what expertise does he bring to State House?

Why is Valden Findlay traveling on State sponsored trips when he’s not a government official?

What business are you doing with Valden Findlay?

Valden Findlay is someone once convicted of serious drug trafficking offences, someone currently on the FBI’s radar. His name has come up in court cases in the U.S of suspected drug barons in the Southern Africa region.

What is Valden doing with the unfettered access he now has to diplomatic passports and a presidential plane on which he is not subject to airport searches because he’s traveling with a President?

Why is the president associating with someone with a known criminal history?

We will leave it upto you the general public to do your own investigations and find out the true history, nature and character of Valden Findlay, a man who Amos Chanda once said is just a good friend of the President.

We rest our case.



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