Mutale Nalumango

What will break or build UPND’s 12th August 2021 victory is the parliamentary adoption process.The adoption process must be transparent,inclusive,credible and none polarizing.

It will be suicide for United Party for National Development to impose candidates in cushion constituencies in Copperbelt,Lusaka,Central,Eastern,Muchinga,Northern and Luapula.

The aforementioned provinces are key battlegrounds,United Party for National Development must let the grassroots in those constituencies select the MPs to lead the party in to the battlefront with courage,passion and strategy.

UPND shouldn’t emulate Patriotic Front’s self-sabotage of adopting unpopular deep pocket political opportunists over adopting political Einsteins.

UPND doesn’t need loudmouth politicians but strategic politicians,UPND needs a legion of parliamentary candidates representing Zambia’s diversity in ethnicity,religion,gender and age.

UPND must begin the adoption campaigns and processes in-:

March 2021 For:

Copperbelt province

Lusaka province

Central province

Northwestern province

Eastern province

In April For:

Northern province

Luapula province

Muchinga province

Western province

Southern province

Beginning the adoption process at the right time will give adopted candidates enough time to be introduced to the electorates and enough time to market their manifestos for the constituencies to buy into.

Word of caution for UPND if you delay the parliamentary adoption process you won’t have enough time to settle disputes if the emerge among contenders,you’ll deprive adopted candidates sufficient time to market their leadership to the electorates and you won’t give the grassroots sufficient time to convince every electorate in the constituency to vote for UPND Alliance MPs,Councillors,Mayors and HH/Nalumango.


  1. The list of those to be adopted finally should be disclosed at the 11th hour. Remember PF will be out to buy the popular candidates in constituencies.

  2. Well advised considering that opposition parties have government imposed machinery and unstable rules against their smooth campaign programs thus starting early and harnessing the mastery of the youth on technology the adopted candidates would have enough time to get themselves acquainted with the electorate and where squeezed by unfair play the party’s technology savvy youth would already have a solution in place to enable continuing selling of the candidate to the voters!


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