By Merlyn Mwanza

Debt Swap tricks for civil servants by the PF government is a hoax and an absolute criminality, UPND Alliance presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

And Hichilema outlined the Alliance position on various policies once assumed office after August 12.

Briefing the media at his residence commonly known as Community House this morning, Hichilema warned civil servants and all those being promised to have their debt swapped by the PF government against being hoodwinked and be on the alert, saying such political rhetoric and monkey tricks are not only dangerous but actually an insult to civil servants.

He reminded civil servants and the people of Zambia at large that it is the PF government that has put most civil servants in debt by deliberately failing to remit workers’ contributions to lenders such as banks and other financial lending institutions.

Hichilema said civil servants have never failed to pay what they borrow from lenders. Hichilema said it is the PF government that have been dubiously stealing civil servants’ money and never remit to financial institutions.

He warned civil servants against buying into what he termed as PF “last kicks of the dying horse”.
He added that a caring government does not wait for an election to salvage its civil servants out of excessive debt

“What a hoax: the question is why are civil servants in debt? Who has created this crisis in the civil service? It’s the PF. Civil servants contribute but the government doesn’t remit the money to the lending institutions. And today the PF can come & announce debit swap? Thats a hoax! What an insult to the people of Zambia? what an insult to the civil servants who work so hard to earn a living? You’re a criminal; PF is a criminal (government),” Hichilema charged. Don’t buy into this PF debt swap hoax. This is not a solution. The solution to resolve this crisis is: (1) we will improve pay & conditions of civil servants; (2) we will reduce the cost of materials & food. This means you will have more income & money; (3) we will reform NAPSA so you can access your NAPSA savings to avoid you borrowing “kaloba”; (4) we will lower the interest rate.” The combination of these measures will enable you out of debt crisis. The PF want to hoodwink & manipulate our civil servants.” -Daily Revelation


  1. The promises HH is making are just like what his colleague in Malawi made.The two years he promised to change things around might turn out to be a hoax.Zambians should sit back and carefully analyse the sugar coated promises politicians are making.


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