Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

We remind Dora Siliya that lies have short legs, meaning that lies have no legs to stand on, or support them; no support.

To say the same thing in a different way; truth has support while untruth does not. PF government can’t deceive us on this because Zambians are not interested in spin but want electricity restored in their homes.

Dora, Nkhuwa, Ng’andu, Musonda et al, here is a compilation of your lies and their responses from stakeholders:

PF Government lie: No power because one of its two units at Maamba was forced to shut down owing to a technical fault which requires extensive consultations with the equipment supplier.

Maamba Colliery: Not true. ZESCO owes us tens of millions in outstanding bills. They should just settle their arrears and supply will resume.

PF Government lie: Government to pay $20 million to Maamba Collieries Limited for ZESCO Arrears next week, Finance Minister.

PF Government: We have made a deal with Eskom for the supply of electricity. Zambia to import 300 MW power from Eskom for 6 months.

Eskom: No true. We have no such deal with Zambian government. Actually, Zambia still owes us tens of millions for the supply of electricity in 2015/16.

PF Government lie: Zambia is in talks with Eskom to import electricity.

Eskom: Not true! No such talks.

PF government lie: Zambian Government pays Eskom US$ 40 million for power imports-Siliya.

PF government lie: 10 million dollars was paid last week and a 30 million Dollars was transferred to Eskom on Wednesday this week.

Eskom: Fake! We have received no payment from Zambia.

PF government lie: Actually, we are facing financial challenges to complete the $32 million dollars to pay Eskom.

PF government lie: We are sending a delegation to Mozambique to negotiate a new power-purchase agreement.

Electricidade de Mocambique (EDM): we are not aware. Zambia owes us tens of millions of dollars anyway. Pay up!



  1. Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba continue exposing and documenting these lies as your evidence will be useful when Zambia will restore the rule of law and justice in the country. Remember according to Given Lubinda, the Minister of Justice, living by lies is in the DNA of some PF leaders and PF Ministers. Apparently Lubinda as Minister of Justice is incapable of supporting administering the rule of law and doesnt support credible institutions and application of laws that would deter such liars from basking in their lies at the expense of suffering Zambians.

  2. Comment:But the truth is, w,e’ve a huge power deficit and attempts to get it elsewhere is proving difficulty. Instead of just bkaming the government, can we put our heads together dos a solution?

  3. Wakishale, there are enough people in Zambia with brains to solve the power deficit situation and proposals have been advanced. However if institutions with responsibilities to implement the proposed solutions are under the influence and control of liars within the PF government, then you will end up having headaches even if you put your heads together to find a solution. Learn to address the underlying challenge. Why are attempts to get power elsewhere now difficult? Indeed for a country like Zambia with adequate sun, wind and other natural resources which can provide sustainable energy needs, why should the country still be struggling with getting power from elsewhere? People have a right to blame the government and the executive who has been given the responsibility to manage the national resources on behalf of all the people in the country. Who do you want people to blame for allowing a huge power deficit???


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