BISHOP John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo
Bishop Mambo, in an interview, said the proposal by Kasama Central member of parliament Kelvin Sampa to dissolve the Law Association of Zambia was misplaced and should be stopped by all Zambians.
“There is a motion moved by a private member, the Kasama Central law maker Kelvin Sampa to dissolve LAZ. Mwebantu nikwisa tuleya(Zambians where are we going). We were ruled by Kaunda under one party state for 27 years but he never tampered with LAZ. What is it that the Law Association has done to deserve desolation? Is speaking for people now a crime in this country now? This is why I am saying this is how dictatorship starts and if we keep watching without doing anything, this country will degenerate into something ungovernable,” Bishop Mambo said.
He said Zambia would not function in an orderly manner without proper checks and balances on the PF government.
“Please Zambians, let us talk about these things. The consequences of what the PF government is doing are dire. Let us talk about such matters when we still have time and chance because if the PF succeeds in withdrawing the country from the ICC as well as dissolving the Law Association of Zambia, I am telling you we are doomed,” Bishop Mambo warned.
Ruling party cadres, while armed with pangas, machetes and hammers, recently attacked the LAZ secretariat in Lusaka, accusing its president Linda Kasonde of bias.
But Kasonde has refused to be intimidated, saying she would not give in to the blackmail of the PF whose aim is to stop her association from advocating the rule of law and good governance.
“I don’t believe in blackmail or intimidation – I think I stand on principle and conviction that what I’m doing is in accordance with our mandate under section four. Unless and until I feel dissatisfied with my own war in that regard, I don’t I think I will be intimidated by others,” said Kasonde during Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme last Sunday.
“I have mentioned several times before [that] we are not anti-government and we are not sponsored by anybody. It’s just unfortunate that we’ve lost the essence of patriotism in this country. It so happens that there are individuals, and I will use myself as an example, who are purely acting in the interest of the country to preserve checks and balances in a democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism. No one is being sponsored – it’s simply acting within our mandate. [But] unfortunately, even when your motives are very noble, you might find that you’ll meet criticism.”
And Bishop Mambo said there were a lot of irregularities and anomalies in the PF government that must not be tolerated because lives would be lost looking at the pace their deadly agenda was moving.
“President Lungu wants to withdraw the country from the ICC, for what? When did the ICC victimise him? This is how dictators start. It starts from small but important things. The outcome of the so-called ‘consultation’ is predetermined so why going to the people to waste money that could be used for more important and urgent matters like going for a referendum?” wondered Bishop Mambo.
“And where did they get the K2 million for consultations on whether to leave or stay in the ICC? They said there was no money for the referendum. It’s so surprising, this is why I always say this government is not serious. It is the same President Lungu who announced that the country had no resources to hold a referendum. But when you look at the levels of importance, the referendum is far more important than the issue of leaving the ICC. Referendum is about the people’s fundamental rights. Leaving ICC can wait but the rights of people can’t wait. We have seen a lot of atrocities from this government and we are not saying anything.”


  1. Comment: It seems you are the only man of God in this country. For the first time sure in Zambia. The others are men of the government in power and not men of God . May God bless you for speaking the truth.

  2. LAZ was better governed by previuos Presidents NOT the current president who is comprised with politics. Current LAZ president is not fit to be a president of any organisation. She is too biased. She like NGOCC president who dont defend the rights of those in need


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