By Kasebamashila Kaseba


— prisoner voter to vote for president as party president to be prisoner voter instead of prisoner presidential candidate as in colonialism —

— forgery as a crime but rigging as a nuisance —

— how debarred lawyer thief rigged to the presidency together with rapist bigamist barred a forger —

Firstly, it is being hastily said that CK is disqualified from standing for presidential elections, ahead of his appeal or remission or presidential prerogative of mercy in the reign of one who was debarred for theft and suspect of rigging, not because, that is what the constitution says, but that was the fulfilled political intention of the political persecution as opposed to a prosecution.

Well, the Magistrate Court also called subordinate court is surbodinate to the Industrial Relations Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Constitutional Court and Supreme Court.

How then is one with recourse of appeal to either The Constitutional Court or The Supreme Court be the one to disqualified at the Magistrate Court?

How one who also attended the recent ECZ consultative meeting on prisoner voting rights to lose his right to contest the presidency is revealing of not just the hypocrisy but also the desire to disqualify the president as a presidential candidate.

Further, the facts of prisoner voter enfranchisement and presidential disqualification speaks not only to the inequality before the law but also juxtaposition of opposition president or presidential candidate political rights being below the prisoner voters whereas the incumbent president as one and sole appointer of ECZ is above the voters who ECZ will also disenfranchise six millions before enfranchisement in order to delist dead 1.4 million voters to enlist 20,000 prisoner voters without one or two presidential and parliamentary candidates.

In short, the voter register of six million will have to be killed or deleted in order to delete 1.4 million possibly dead or ghost voters before resurrecting it with nine million voters.



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