By Emmanuel Chilekwa

HH is one amazing fellow you would hate to love. His resilience is his strength. He’s not openly eloquent, but therein lies the unknown capacity to attain anything he sets his eyes on.

He’s one stable fellow never seen before. He’s one fellow you can never know. He’s an unknown fellow even to all and sundry.

When he starts something, he has the patience of an eagle or a strategic vulture. His eyes see more than what his tongue can unveil.

He has not succeeded in business by a fluke of an accident. From a village boy to a global millionaire, he has strategies never untold even to his one Queen, Mutinta.

You can shit in his home, but you can’t trash his mission. He’s an unknown fellow, more complicated than a computer microchip.

Given that this is one man who has survived this regime, bring treason on him he survives, all one can say is admire his style of winning by losing some.

He’s a straight player who believes in the unorthodox style of doing things because he believes in himself so much.

He speaks little, but thinks deep. No one fools him, but his tact fools many.

He’s truly humble. Wealth has not changed his humility. He can afford to buy 10 latest personal jets. He dresses like a pauper unless you see his queen Mutinta, that’s when you can see his wealthy outlook.

He jumps to do things nobody does – way ahead of time. He sees what nobody sees years ahead. He plans light years ahead. There’s nothing he starts that he fails to accomplish. He’s not in a hurry for results, but never gives up. He’s knocked down a million times, but rises a trillion times.

To hate HH is to hurt yourself. He’s a great Zambian, from the village to aircon international boardrooms.

His secret is keeping things to himself. He’s calculative, in ALL things at all times.

He withstands storms and whirlwinds like there’s nothing blowing against him. He listens more than he can talk. He’s got the temper like that of Moses of the Bible. He’s a shrewd fellow one need not cross his path.

Emmanuel Chilekwa



  1. Who is HH, honestly you guys must research on what is credible for the readers to enjoy. It is clear that your image building task is not reaping the desired returns. Don’t impress HH but inform us what he will do once he comes into power or his next life after he loses the 2021 elections. We need to know. We don’t care whether he is short or tall, if at all he smiles or not. Give us the formulae he will use to improve our lives. Look this is one challenge with HH’s camp, they always do things in the opposite. Why build his image on such childish narrative. This time you’re wasting won’t be regained. The PF may look stupid now yet they are pushing on their agenda to build infrastructure, despite liquidity challenges. In the end they may achieve their objective. So don’t hallucinate about HH’s life, bad or good. Time is running out.

  2. @Justice don, where and how were the PF before they came to power? You can’t compare what an individual can do to what a camp using tax payers money can do.Compare the individuals in PF before they assumed office and HH before he assumes office (if at all he will),that’s the only fair way of comparing.


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