Kalani Muchima wrote;

On this day, exactly two years ago Lawrence Banda popularly known as Gaddafi was put to rest after being shot dead by the PF during the Kaoma mayoral by‐election.

After being shot, Mrs Mumbi Phiri said he was shot as he attempted to steal a handbag.

On this day of burial, heavily armed police officers were deployed to stop the burial procession on account that it was illegal.

As we approached memorial park Live bullets were fired, teargas was discharged and in the process several people were injured.

It was a double sad day.


  1. MHSRIP. It is a painful thing to loss citizens through such violent means just because he/she believes another political party.

    We demand that the people who committed these crimes be arrested and brought to book. All political murders committed by PF carders must be attended to with urgency. This heavy load is unbearable and we want Justice.

    Some of the former leaders who are now MP’s should not be spared. No reconciliation without justice. No we refuse this unfairness.

    It’s a well known fact that most Criminal Minds went around waving guns and threatened the life’s of their opponents and all these were reported to the police and dockets are available. Some shot and wounded and even killed their opponents. Idoits!!

    It’s time to pay for the crimes committed against humanity. We want it now.

  2. Now that they are in power, the new dawn govt must get to the bottom of this and other deaths. If they do not, then maybe they had a hand in these tragedies.


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