These are factual credentials that his opponents are too fearful to talk about. They smear his name with rumours and concocted allegations because they want to shield the truth from Zambians. The same way they accused Mazoka of contributing to the job losses in the mines, is the same strategy they have used against HH. When PF get intellectually challenged, they always resort to lies. But whatever the case you can’t take away the following from HH. You might not love him, but the presidency is not a romantic affair it is a duty.

1. It’s the economy stupid

Politics has tendency of diverting us from the real problem. And the real issue right now is the dwindling economy. That is why Bill Clinton once used the phrase, “it’s the economy stupid” as his campaign slogan to wake people up and see the real problem. PF infrastructure programme has largely been inflated, marred with corrupting and with poor prioritization. We have borrowed at a staggering rate of at least US$2billion per annum, with no substantial growth to talk about. The PF can’t even bring themselves to implement the austerity decisions required to induce economic recover. Business costs are rising, cost of living is rising, tax collection rate is falling and budgets are getting underfunded. PF is under-performing not because they lost Kalaba and Kambwili, it is the economy stupid!

2. Foresight

This is another attribute you can’t takeaway from HH. His propensity to save and invest at a young age says a lot about his foresightedness. It speaks to his ability to think about the next generation and not the next election. We have an option of electing to office a person who is not motivated by a retirement house because he already has one.

3. Business experience

For the first time we can have a president who will understand the business community and an effective tax regime that will suit them. HH understands that growth of this economy will be realized by helping businesses to become profitable and not by government spending. His proposals to reduce energy costs and VAT is targeted at businesses and is a viable plan of boosting production which is a sure way of creating jobs and tax revenue.

4. Multi-skill set

He has experience in farming, real estate, livestock, manufacturing, mining, consultancy, pension management and international finance. Zambia should seek to benefit from this wealth of business exposure.

5. Prudence

Has anyone ever wondered why HH’s political rivals have failed to squeeze HH’s business? It all because of proper organization and solid business deals.

6. Rule of law

No matter how many times PF call HH violent, he has always reacted with civility and believed in due process. Only those who abuse the law to their advantage are the ones who don’t beleive in the rule of law.

7. International finance

Ignorant hypocritical PF vuvuzelas have always scandalise HH for sourcing finance oversees, yet they do the same with Eurobonds. International finance is an area HH is exposed to, that is why he believes Zambia should prioritise concessional loans or bilateral loans over Eurobonds. The Chinese loans are proving to be problematic to PF because of lack of transparency. This is something PF turned a deaf ear to and are failing to seal a deal with IMF and currently renegotiating with China.

8. Passion for education

They say the first thing failures do when they hear a new idea, is to claim that it can’t be done. The passion HH has for free education is a personal matter. He is living testimony that education is more of an investment than a cost. And this is the passion Zambians need because we shall never be an advanced country if we don’t put our efforts in education. We have an option of believing in ourselves or admiring advanced foreign countries.

9. Birds of the same feathers

HH has also shown his ability to work though others. His ability to successfully run various businesses proves his eye for talent and knack of oversight. He is not someone who can have a thug as political advisor or a drug dealer as economic advisor. He has credible people around him and that shows how respectful he is to his citizens.

10. He is not a good politician

This is the reason we should vote for HH, because he is not a good politician. It is a complement to some of us. It means he is not a good liar, given the standards of Zambian politics. He has no jokes like Sata did. He has no dance move like Lungu. He has no wako ni wako message like Banda and cant sweet talk us like Chiluba did. One thing he has, is hard work and a good sense of duty.

The Zambian youths need a role model in state house. We need to restore decency to that office by electing a sober, family man, respectable leader with a strong character.

Richard W



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