It commemorates the Zambian soldiers of 1st and 3rd Battalion of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment who fought and died in Burma at the Battles of Tangup,Kalewa, Kohima, Chindwin, Mawlaik and Arrakkan during World War II from 1943-1945. It has two barracks along it, the Burma Road Barracks and Arrakkan Barracks home of one the units that fought in World War II the 2nd Battalion Zambia Regiment.

There are several barracks around the country named after battles in World War II where the Northern Rhodesia Regiment fought.

Tug Argan (Ndola) – After Tug Argan Gap a pass in mountains in Somalia where 1 ZR fought a superior Italian Force to a stand still.

Gondar (Chipata) – Another battle in Somalia. 1941

Giarso (Ndola) – Another battle in Ethiopia

Chindwin (Kabwe) – A battle in Burma

Arrakkan (Lusaka) – A battle in Burma

Mawlaik (Kitwe) – A battle in Burma

Kalewa (Ndola) – A battle in Burma

Tangup (Mufulira) A battle in Burma

Kohima (Kabwe)- A battle in Burma

In Burma their opponents were the Imperial Japanese Army.

There are also several BCEL and MOTH Clubs also named after battles in Burma specifically Kabaw Valley Shell hole formerly located where CFB hospital is.

The guns normally mounted at the gates of these barracks are real weapons used in these battles like water cooled Vickers machine guns and 25 pounder light artillery guns.

Zambians fought in Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Burma in World War II.

Article by Brian Mulenga


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