Lungu loves his cadres more than Zambinas, his behavior has shown over the years.

Selective justice which has seen his cadres above the law.
He even fired the people who directly protect him, over some uneducated PF thugs.
He never fires a thieving minister as long as he is loyal to him.

He is weak on corruption despite many Zambia have scant resources and even missing salaries.

He still loves to see thousands of cadres welcoming him on a tour of duty so he can give them K100 when the rest of tax payers are busy working.
He earned a tenfold in wealth, in the year the economy was stagnant, kwacha weak and inflation almost hyper.

He bought himself a plane just because he wanted more legroom, yet the poor are squeezed in hospital wards, children use the floor to write, drugs are in short supply. He is the only selfish person, who thinks he is humble.

He is the most selfish president we have ever seen, his cadres don’t see it because he treats them better the rest of us.


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