By Lubinda Namukolo

President Edgar Lungu this morning held a meeting with the traditional leaders in Luampa district of Barotseland.

The Chiefs in attendance were acting chief mwenetente, chief Afumba, chief kanguya, chief siwalongo.

President lungu told the Chiefs to clearly state their problems in their Chiefdoms.

However, all chiefs first complained that the rebel Mbunda group headed by Kaoma district commissioner Kennedy Liale Mubanga and rebel nkoya group headed by Webby Mulubisha is invading their areas because people are declaring themselves as Chiefs.

The Chiefs also disclosed that the district only has the four recognised Chiefs by the his majesty the King of Barotseland and Kuta. Chiefs also said they wanted to proper road network and proper building infrastructures in the area. The complained of the Luampa – Mulobezi road and the fair by the government to put up some network towers in most wards which is making it very difficult for the local people to access phone network.

The Chiefs also asked the president to intervene in the on going traditional wrangles in the chiefdoms.

However, Chiefs told president lungu for the development the have received through the new clinics and primary school.

President Edgar lungu further disclosed that it’s not a secret hat everyone knows and even himself he know that since time immemorial the 38 tribes found in Barotseland have lived in harmony and peace under the leadership of the Litunga and BRE Kuta.

Now he is surprised at the tend of this new thing called new Royal Establishments which are keep on popping up and rebelling the Litunga. He thinks maybe it’s because of this monthly K15,000 they give Chiefs. He knows there is a big problems between self imposed Chiefs in nkoya and mbunda who are inciting the people to turn against the Litunga and BRE Kuta.

President lungu said he is going to bring back the normal route of enthronement and recognition through passing the right procedure under the old and only authority which is the BRE. He assured the Chiefs that once his government amends the constitution through a Bill 10 everything will be the thing of the past.



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