By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

The PF ever since the came into power has raped the constitution and brought thuggery into our lovely country Zambia.The Fabric of a normal nation is no longe visible.We have been experiencing incidents that only occur in countries where the rule of law is not applicable.The government institutions like police judiciary acc etc have no power over PF cadres and it’s leaders .Leaving the ordinary citizens hopeless .It’s only by God’s grace .
The NDF is a political scheme with just one objective to ensure that the PF and it’s hordes of thugs remain in power .Open your eyes UPND NDC DP and indeed every Zambian who wants to see a better Zambia.

1-The campaign period is to be reduced from 3 months to 60days .This targets the opposition as they don’t have the state machinery in terms of mobility and funds and Zambia is a big country for young parties like NDC or DP to canvass and set up agents ,logistics and structures to run a national election.Also note that the public order act is already a big hinderance to the freedom of movement and assembly

2-The appointment of deputy cabinet ministers will ensure that PF has 80 campaign managers entitled to govt facilities like fuel vans choppers personnel etc..this is a great disadvantage to opposition parties.
To make matters worse parliament will be dissolved on the date of elections ensuring that PF mps who are in the majority will still draw allowances to help them run their campaigns

3-The introduction of the coalition government.This is a clear scheme by PF knowing that they will not get above 40% in 2021 as 2016 election has taught them a lesson .
This is were PF will be partnership with MMD and FDD which can combine to push the PF up.

The only way to counter these plans is by the opposition having a untied front .
An alliance that is for the survival of the nation .UPND NDC DP NAREP ETC put your political egos aside and do what is right for the nation and not you as political leaders.
This alliance may be the only solution Zambia has to usher in a new breath of life



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