A Lusaka man who had just been released from prison on bail is back in jail after allegedly assaulting his former wife by hitting her with a stick on the head for refusing to move in with him.

David Manana, who was arrested for impersonating police officers and later got bail after a stint in prison, left his ex-wife in a pool of blood with deep wounds in the head after she refused to move in with him.

Manana, 30, allegedly battered his ex-wife, Naomi Mwenya, 29 of 15 miles for refusing to get back with him.
Manana and Mwenya have been on separation since November 2018.

The two have three children together.

Ms Mwenya told the Media that she had moved to her mother’s place in 15 miles with her children and household goods when Manana was arrested last November for impersonation.

It was from there where Manana decided to start breaking his household goods and ended up hitting Mwenya with a stick after she refused to go with him.


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