A LUSAKA woman whose husband is serving a five-year jailed term for stealing K200,000 from President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila has begged the the first family for mercy.

She says life for her and their child has become difficult since the jailing of her 23-year-old husband.

Issac Mwiinga was convicted and subsequently sentenced to five years in jail by the Lusaka Magistrate’s court for stealing a K200,000 from Tasila, during his employment as a garden boy for over 3 years at her residence in Lusaka’s Kalundu Township.

Lusaka Magistrate Felix Kaoma jailed Mwiinga two months ago upon admitting to have stolen the K200,000.

The police had recovered a sum of k150,000 from the convict’s home at the time of his arrest.

His wife who sought anonymity is now begging for Mwiinga’s realease, #Kalemba reports.

“Nipempako kuli ba Lungu, ba Esther Lungu naba Tasila bayanganepo pali iyi nkani navutika nili namwana, elo munyumba ya rent banipisha, ninkala naaba mai pamene banamangila bamuna Banga life yavuta. (am appealing to President Lungu, the first lady Esther Lungu and Tasila to look into matter because I am suffering and I have a baby, they chased me out of the house where I was renting so am staying with my mother life has become difficult since my husband was sent to jail),” lamented the mother of one.

(Credit: Kalemba)



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