9 Mar 2017 , Hollywood star & Musician Will Smith visited Livingstone, Zambia. Obviously an A list celebrity visiting Zambia is nothing new, after all our land is beautiful.

Fast forward to 2019 & it seems Hollywood star, Jada Pinkett Smith (who is married to Will Smith), seems to also have a soft spot for ‘Zambia’ in the (Final) Form of Sampa The Great. First sharing an Instagram post acknowledging the young talent, she then moved to twitter stating that Sampa was her new favorite artist.

Who is Sampa & why is she great?

OMG, aside from social media shout outs from A list celebrities, opening for your favorite rappers, like Kendrick.
Sampa (Tembo) is a 26-year-old rapper and poet born in Zambia, raised in Botswana and based in Australia.

She sent Zambia social media into a frenzy when she dropped the visually artistic video to her latest single “Final Form”

” The Music Video for final form was inspired by the belief of having a spiritual exodus back to yourself. We often as black people in the diaspora talk about the physical return to our roots but not so much the spiritual.

Final form is meant to start that conversation, even though physically done in Africa. The physical return only happened after the spiritual one. It was important for me to do this video in Zambia. The place of my birth and where I’m from. Because if I’m truly going to become the greatest version of myself, I’m going to start at the most me I’ve ever been. Which is where I started from, where I grew up!” She shared when her video dropped.

” Since her debut mixtape in 2015, she’s stuck firmly in that direction. Pairing clever, intricate wordplay with a sound that plucks from jazz, gospel and reggae, Sampa has earned widespread acclaim: opening for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$, then winning the Australian Music prize for last year’s mixtape Birds and the Bee9 in March




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