Vice President Inonge Wina says the government has blocked the November 2019 salaries for employees not eligible for government salaries.

Mrs Wina says the government has also suspended and revoked logging credentials for all payroll end-users’ countrywide in order to avoid paying ghost workers.

The Vice President was responding to Lubansenshi Member of Parliament George Mwamba during the Vice president’s question time who wanted to know what measures government was taking over the 4000 ghost workers who are drawing salaries.

She said 779 Public service employees were found to be unknown as they have been dismissed, died or resigned and 3969 appearing on the September payroll were not found during the headcount on the Copperbelt Province.

Mrs Wina said those found to have breached the government regulations in the management of payroll systems are being handed over to law enforcement agencies.

A recent government payroll clean-up exercise on the Copperbelt established that 4,000 civil servants are unaccounted for while K60 million is lost monthly through fraudulent management of the payroll.

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti said the payroll clean-up exercise was done last month by the Public Service Management Division, Accountant General’s office, service commissions and Smart Zambia Institute.



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