Witchcraft hits Chilubi school
…teachers threaten to flee

FIVE teachers at Kalalanda Basic School in Chief Chiwanagala’s Chiefdom in Chilubi district have threatened to desert the school, due to continued witchcraft.

School Head teacher Martin Chiti said of late two teachers have so far deserted the school because they were being harassed through witchcraft.

Chief Chiwanangala of the Bisa speaking people of Chilubi district has also expressed worry that pupils at Kalalanda Basic School may not access basic education once teachers leave the institution.
The traditional leader confirmed that witchcraft was rife.

Chief Chiwanagala however said he will not tolerate witchcraft to derail the learning process in his chiefdom.

He said he would get permission from the law enforcement agencies so that he goes ahead to call upon a witch-finder.

The traditional leader said that teachers had complained to him that they were mysteriously losing mealie meal and their money from their houses.

-Lusaka Sun/The Zambian Sun



  1. These are fake Witches or they work with the Pathetic Faeces. If indeed they were real witches, they should be attacking those who are making them suffer, not innocent teachers who are helping them.


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