THE coroner’s court failed to conclude the Inquest into the death of UNZA student Vespers Shimuzhila as the last witness has allegedly vanished.When the matter came up in Court, State prosecutor Zalila Sakala told Coroner Sylvia Munyinya that they did not serve summons on Francis Mulenga as he could not be traced. However, coroner Munyinya directed the State to ensure that Mulenga was availed before court on July 10 to testify in the matter to enable her conclude hearing the matter.

Since the summons were not served, I am instructing you to bring the witness on the 10th so that hearing can continue,” said the Coroner, who last month ordered the State to serve summons on the witness following his failure to appear before court on three occasions.

According to a source, Mulenga has not yet reported at a police post where he was transferred to following the protest at UNZA. The officer that has allegedly gone into hiding was in charge of the police crack squad unit that went to UNZA and fired teargas canisters in student hostels last year during the protest. Simuzhila, who was a fourth year student in the School of Education died on October 5, 2018, due to suffocation after police officers fired tear gas canisters in her room.

On October 4 before her death, UNZA students had protested over delayed meal allowances by government.


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