Barotseland Watchdog
By Sikena Simbotwe

An un-identified elderly man practicing witchcraft has reportedly land crashed in Mongu, Barotseland with his fetish jet.

The sad incident happened in the early hours at Mongu Airport runway today , 18th June, 2019.

The Police officers at press time said the man was found with human teeth, skull and bones of a dead baby.

The lucky man who was almost beaten by mob justice was sheltered and detained by Airport Police for his safety.

And Police Officer who spoke on condition of anonymity says the man who was naked by press time, has confessed of being a Shangombo based wizard who was on a mission to eliminate unknown people in Mungu.


The man further confessed that his witchair crash was caused by gasoline that got finished at the time he reached at Mongu airport area

His witchcraft jet and other instruments are reported to be burnt by Police.

This is the second witchair crash happened in Mungu , Barotseland. The latest one happened on 10th March,2019 at Kambule Correctional Facility.


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