THE Sunday Mail, using an undercover reporter posing as a client, has uncovered s*x rings in Lusaka involving college girls and girls as young as 17 years old.

Most of the s*x rings are being run by women.

The reporter got in touch with four women who arrange s*x meetings or hook-ups with the girls for mostly older men. The women charge between K100 and K250 as connection fee, before they can provide contact details of the girls. The girls themselves charge anything between K150 and K1,000 for s*x.

One of the s*x agents told the reporter that she works with girls from the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), Makeni School of Nursing and the Zambia Institute of Business College Trust (ZIBCT).

The agent connected the reporter with a 21-year-old Information Technology student at NIPA, whose identity cannot be revealed, but who shall be refered to as Bee.

Bee had offered the reporter group s*x or a threesome, with her college-mate, for K1,000



  1. SEX RINGS IN LUSAKA, i don’t agree with you calling this situation as arranged sex rings.Lets look at it as pure negligence on the part of the society and the Government in general particularly on our girl child who has resorted to doing prostitution in order to further their education.

    The so called prostitutes are all students wanting to survive or further their education. These are all coming from colleges such as NIPA, MAKENI SCHOOL OF NURSING, ZIBCT etc. The same is happening in most so called Boarding houses where college/University students are living as most of them survive on prostitution.Without proper and timely funding in this institutions, what the undercover discovered will always be there or if not worsened. Most students are now surviving through prostitution and are treating this way of life as being normal and the only way of educating themselves hence the need to address the root cause. Elder woman are capitalizing on the situation especially if they are keeping some students whom they connect to elderly men with cash hence the arranged prostitution. But generally speaking our girl child (students) is facing an hostile environment leading them to developing survival instincts referred to here as arranged sex. Kelly

  2. Kelly Swans May God forgive you for your corrupt mind that is very misleading. So to you sexual Immorality is good for our nation.We in the last days and Satan has captured many youths to not have salvation and eternal life.The great tribulation has began.


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